The Project

Specialised collections on the history, societies and cultures of the Middle East.

A Collaborative Digital Library

Launched in 2017, Bibliothèques d'Orient (Libraries of the Middle East) brings together specialised collections on the history, societies and cultures of the Middle East – from Egypt to Iraq and Turkey—, as well as on the interactions between France and this area. The timeframe covered ranges from the Antiquitity until the mid-20th century. All documents are free of intellectual property rights.

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The Scientific Advisory Board

Tasked with examining, validating and assessing the scientific content of the website, board members are appointed and meetings convened and chaired by Laurence Engel, BnF Chair. Members comprise of BnF curators, representatives of partner institutions, and scholars recognised in their fields.


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Partnering and Contributing Institutions

Alongside the BnF, sixteen institutions contribute contend from their collections. 


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Sponsors and Funding Partners
Funding for Bibliothèques d'Orient has been generously provided by the following organisations
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The BnF Team
Alexandra Adamova – Integration of partners’ documents through the Digitital Cooperation Section
Marion Ansel - Communication 
Anaïs Basse - Webmaster
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