"Expositions universelles"

World Fairs

The participation of the Ottoman Empire in World Fairs under the reigns of the sultans Abdulmejid I (1839-1861), Abdülaziz (1861-1876) and Abdulmejid II (1876-1909)

Catherine Pinguet, doctor of literature, associate researcher with the Centre of Turkish, Ottoman, Balkan and Central Asian Studies (CNRS-EHESS)
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The Rue du Caire at the Exposition Universelle in Paris (1889)

The Rue du Caire was a liberal reconstruction of the urban Cairo environment, presented at the Exposition Universelle in 1889 in Paris. It was the first time that Egypt had been depicted there as a street, and not in a pavilion.

Mercedes Volait, doctor of history and research director at the CNRS (InVisu laboratory of the Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art)
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"Expositions universelles"
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