The Thousand and One Nights

Translated from a Persian original, arabicized and modified under its new title, The Thousand and One Nights, this multi-layered work permanently enters Western culture thanks to Antoine Galland, its first adaptor. Provoking real enthusiasm, it also gives birth to many adaptations.

Oriental literatures

It was not until the 17th century that Eastern literary texts, fables or tales – often presented in anthologies – were finally available in French. As Eastern studies grew more popular, bilingual scholarly editions by prominent authors began to appear and publications picked up pace in the Middle East.

The Writers’ Orient

The “journey to the Orient” in the literary sense of the term is a 19th-century invention. To measure this metamorphosis, it needs to be compared with the past.

The Orient of Musicians

The Orient of musicians is no less vast than that of painters and writers, to which it is closely linked, and, of course, of scholars who, via writers, were often the first sources of inspiration. It could be near or far, ancient or modern. It is thus too vast for a real overview of it to be made here.