The BnF Team

Alexandra Adamova – Integration of partners’ documents through the Digitital Cooperation Section
Marion Ansel - Communication 
Anaïs Basse - Webmaster
Isabelle Breuil - Digital coordination within the BnF Collections Department
Catherine Brial - Sponsorship
Alix Bruys – Integration of partners’ documents through the Acquisition and Donations of Digital Files Section
Khalid Chakor-Alami - Records of partners’ Arabic manuscripts
Géraldine Chatelard - Project manager since December 2020
Claire Chemel - Selection of maps and plans
Philippe Chevrant - Integration of partners’ documents through service providers 
Stéphane Chouin - Project manager until September 2020
Vanessa Desclaux - Selection for history and archeology
Marie-Geneviève Guesdon - Selection of oriental manuscripts
Zakaria Haffar - Project management support 
Françoise Hours - Scientific coordinator until September 2021
Victor Musitelli – Contracts and intellectual property
Nermine Nabil Nasr – Metadata and integration of partners’ documents
Julien Olivier - Selection of coins, medals and antiques
Marc Olujic – Website design and development
Anne Paounov- Digitisation expert
Hélène Virenque - Selection of French Literature 
Sara Yontan – Selection of Turkish printed documents 
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