The Scientific Advisory Board

Tasked with examining, validating and assessing the scientific content of the website, board members are appointed and meetings convened and chaired by Laurence Engel, BnF Chair. Members comprise of BnF curators, representatives of partner institutions, and scholars recognised in their fields.


  • Sylvie Aubenas, Director of the Prints and Photography Department, BnF
  • Laurent Héricher, Head of the Oriental Manuscript Section, BnF
  • Ophélie Ramonatxo, Director for International Relations, BnF


  • Philippe Bourmaud, Director of IFEA
  • Myriam Catusse, Director of IFPO
  • Thomas Faucher, Director of CEAlex
  • Lionel Goh, Head of the libraries of the Custody of the Holy Land
  • Emmanuel Pisani, Director of IDEO
  • Olivier Poquillon, Director of EBAF
  • Morad Riffi, Director of the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts
  • Joseph Rustom, Director of the BO
  • Pierre Tallet, Director of IFAO
  • Lorans Tanatar Baruh, Deputy Director of Research and Programs at SALT


  • Michel Abitbol, Honorary University Professor
  • Jacqueline Chabbi, Honorary University Professor
  • Pascal Crozet, Research Director, CNRS-SPHere
  • Frédéric Hitzel, Researcher, CNRS-CETOBaC
  • Henry Laurens, Professor, Collège de France 
  • Sabrina Mervin, Research Director, CNRS-IREMAM
  • Mercedes Volait, Research Director, CNRS-InVisu



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