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For some time, the Bibliothèque nationale de France and its American counterpart, the Library of Congress, have established a close relationship, because they share the basic mission of conserving works published in each country, thanks to the practice of legal deposits; because they embody an encyclopedic and universal conception of knowledge; and because they have a shared history, marked at the dawn of the history of the USA by France’s support of  the American insurgents.
Laurence Engel, Présidente de la BnF
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In search of "France in the Americas"

Catherine Desbarats, François Furstenberg, Gilles Havard and Dominique Rogers.
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31 members sit on this council, which is tasked with examining, validating and assessing the scientific content on the website.

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Many specialists have participated in the development of this site.

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Sixteen professionals have helped to bring this website to fruition.

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