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The shared heritage collection

The France in the Americas site is part of the “shared heritage” collection which, thanks to the collections in the Bibliothèque Nationale, illustrates the bonds between France and the rest of the world.

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Conditions for use

Latest update: 01/11/2020

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Legal notices
The BnF's partners cannot be held responsible for the points of view expressed in articles provided by contributors for the digital library "France in the Americas", or for content which may be present in the digital resources made available online, which could be  considered offensive.  The digital resources refer to a past historical and social context, and their online dissemination falls within the educational and heritage missions of the BnF and its partners.
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Bibliothèque nationale de France

Délégation aux Relations internationales
Quai François-Mauriac
75706 Paris Cedex 13, France
Tel.: +33(0)1 53 79 59 10

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