Female entrepreneurs in New France

Women of all classes engaged in commercial enterprises in New France. Their activities were facilitated by the colony’s Custom of Paris, which gave them broader property rights than most other French legal codes.

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Commercial Companies

Beginning with the Compagnie de Saint-Christophe (1626-1635), to the final Compagnie des Indes (1785-1793), many French companies benefited from privileged access to overseas commerce during the Ancien Régime.

Catherine Desbarats, McGill University
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John Law and the Compagnie d’Occident

To reinvigorate the kingdom of France which was in a poor state after the death of Louis XIV, the Scotsman John Law set up the Compagnie d’Occident, to support trade and the colonies, while ridding the state of the burden of debt.

Arnaud Orain, professor of economic science at the University of Paris 8
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Obligations and powers of attorney
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  • 13 Oct 1658. Québec. Power...
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