The team members

Nineteen professionals have helped to bring this website to fruition.

Louise Crayssac - Project Leader since February 2021

Jérôme Petit - Scientific Director

Marion Ansel - Project Leader up till February 2021


Ange Aniesa - Documentary selection, Maps & Plans, BnF

Marianne Arnold - Documentary selection, philosophy, history, human sciences

Isabelle Breuil - Coordination mission in liaison with the BnF's Departments

Pascal Cordereix - formerly in charge of the documentary selection, Audiovisual

Valérie Dhiver - formerly in charge of the documentary selection, Law, Economy, Politics

Nathalie Hersent - formerly in charge of the documentary selection, French Literature, BnF

Agnès Sandras - formerly in charge of the documentary selection, Philosophy, history, human sciences


Anurupa Naik - Responsable documentation (IFP)
Bharat Sundarajan - Archiviste (IFP)

Alexandra Adamova - Manager for Partner Files and Data Integration in Gallica

Anaïs Basse - Webmaster, coordinator of the Shared Heritage collection

Nermine Nabil Saad Nasr - in charge of the partner Files and Data Integration in Gallica

Marc Olujic - Website Design & Development Manager

Mathilde Dutertre - formerly Digitisation Manager


Marion Ansel - Communications Coordination

Chloé GirardFrench national partners coordination

Margaux Pigois - Contract Management

Alix Lame-Bergis - formerly in charge of the French national partners coordination

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