The team members

Twenty-four professionals have helped to bring this website to fruition.

Géraldine Chatelard- Project leader since december 2021

Zakaria Haffar- Iraq project leader

Stéphane Chouin - Project Leader until september 2020

Françoise Hours - Scientific Director until september 2021


Ange Aniesa - Documentary selection, Maps & Plans, BnF

Isabelle Breuil - Coordination mission in liaison with the BnF's Departments

Philippe Chevrant - Documentary selection, BnF

Vanessa Desclaux - Documentary selection, History & Archaeology, BnF

Marie-Geneviève Guesdon - Documentary selection, Oriental Manuscripts, BnF

Julien Olivier - Documentary selection, Coins, Medals & Antiques, BnF

Hélène Virenque - Documentary selection, French Literature, BnF


Isabelle Gilles - Projects and digital publishing manager, IFEA

Renè-Vincent du Grandlaunay - Head of Ideo Library

Pascal Lebouteiller - Cartographic workshop manager, IFEA

Agnès Macquin - Head of Ifao Library

Marie-Delphine Martellière - Head of CEAlex Library

Annie-France Renaudin - Head of Ifpo Library

Christia Sayegh - BO Librarian

Pawel Trzopek - EBAF Librarian

Lorans Tanatar Baruh - Associate Director for Research & Programmes at SALT


Alexandra Adamova - Manager for Partner Files and Data Integration in Gallica

Anaïs Basse - Webmaster, coordinator of the Shared Heritage collection

Guillaume Godet - Manager for Partner Files and Data Integration in Gallica until 2018

Marc Olujic - Website Design & Development Manager

Mélanie Roche - Metadata Manager

Jean-Baptiste Vaisman - Digitisation Manager


Marion Ansel - Communications Coordination

Stéphanie Backe - Contract Management

Alix Lame-Bergis - French national partners coordination

Image caption : Femmes de Bagdad Jouant à un Jeu appellé Mangala In: Moeurs et Coutumes Turques et Orientales dessinées dans le Pays en 1790, par F.-M. Rosset. 1790



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