By historical order of apparition.


As a religion born in the Orient, Judaism has followed the course of world and Mediterranean history from antiquity to our times. Its encounter with Islam has been as rich as it has been eventful.


At the heart of the Arab world, the Machreq, or “Orient” – a geographical space covering Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq – was the region where Christianity was born and where it first expanded. The churches of the Near East have retained not just their liturgical but also the theological diversity of their origins.

Overview of Islam in the Levant (18th - 20th century)

Thanks to the 19th-century contacts and confrontations between the states of Europe and the Near East, publications concerning Islam took off, produced by those who were then called Orientalists.

Bábism and Bahá'í Faith

Seyyèd Ali Mohammed (20 October 1819 - 9 July 1850), known as The Bab, founded a new religion independent of Islam called the Bahá'í Faith. Baha'is claim that he was the forerunner of their own religion.

Holy Places

“Holy places” can be defined as sites where events in the history of salvation as told in the Bible took place. They are in part shared by the three monotheisms.